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We are now official installer of STUGAL with Modern PVC or Aluminium windows that achieve a service life of 30 or more years. It is therefore very important that the profile quality and workmanship of new windows meet the highest requirements. With profile systems from STRUGAL, you can rely on the best quality. They ensure long-term functional reliability and decades of living comfort.

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We are a company based in Sines and created since 1997 in the field of sale, installation and maintenance of Windows, Doors, Blinds, Gates and Automatisms.

 We have technicians and a specialized workforce committed to the service provided. Our company is prepared to serve all customers, always offering an intelligent and economical solution for those who need to remodel or install something new.

We can contribute positively to your ideas, with services performed in accordance with the quality we value over the years always guaranteeing all services.

We seek to establish a transparent relationship with our customers, offering support through differentiated service, with service during business hours from Monday to Friday and emergency service on weekends and holidays.


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The Aluminium Thermal Blinds allows to obtain excellent results in terms of resistance, durability, and thermal and acoustic insulation.

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How to reduce your consumption associated with COMFORT?

Due to their characteristics, efficient windows contribute to increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, allowing for a reduction in energy consumption associated with air conditioning in spaces in values around 50%.

The installation of efficient windows allows for greater thermal comfort, reduced air and water infiltration and the consequent risk of inherent pathologies, as well as saving on energy bills. These windows can have wood, PVC or aluminum frames with thermal break (thermal break) or a combination of these. For glazing, you should consider at least double glazing, and you can choose for the gas that separates the two sheets of glass, air or a noble gas, for example, argon.

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